Cincinnati Roof Repair

If your roof is damaged, it may be possible to repair it without having to replace the entire roof. Here are a few of the criteria we’ll look at when determining your roof repair options:

  • How new is the roof?
  • What type of damage is there?
  • How closely can the existing shingles be matched?
  • How extensive is the damage?
  • What would be the cost difference between a repair and a replacement, both short-term and long-term?

If your roof is relatively new, and the damage is somewhat minor (e.g., a few shingles missing or curled up), it may be feasible to fix the roof. If the damage is more extensive or if the undamaged shingles are difficult to match (due to their type or age), it might be time to consider a roof replacement. 


The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area has a varying climate with four distinct seasons that challenge your roof every day. Rain that seeks out the easiest method of entry into the roof and down into the drywall of your living quarters with summer storms that bring wind and hail. Last, but not least, Winter drops ice and snow over our heads that will create water intrusion during the freeze thaw cycles through what is called ice damming.



Not all roofs are sloped with shingles, so Cincinnati roofing professionals have a crew of qualified technicians to quickly stop and fix your leaking flat roof. We cater to both homeowners and commercial properties that have these unique roofing systems.If you don’t want to wait until your flat roof starts leaking, then Fusion also offers flat roof maintenance packages at a reasonable rate. This will allow you peace of mind and the ability to stay on top of issues before they become unexpected problems.

Cincinnati Roofing Contractors

We are trustworthy roofing contractors and have over three decades of experience. Our team of expert Cincinnati roofers will use all the resources that we have to deliver quality services. We use the latest technologies and roofing techniques to fix your roof. We are available for emergency roofing services. If you need any type of roofing services, give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with a free estimate.

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