Anatomy of a Cincinnati Roof

If you have a new roof over your house, it lets you learn some of the specifics about this important function. Roofs are made up of several elements, each of which must act in an ideal manner to protect your home and its interior. Although this detail should be available to the roofing contractor, it is also important for homeowners to be aware of the many different features of the roof.

4 Roof Elements and their purpose

  1. Roof Deck

Decking acts as the base of the whole roof system, making it highly important. In certain instances, the flooring is made of plywood, but it can also be made of plastic or concrete. Decking is fixed to the rack by means of a nail device, which ensures that it stays firmly attached.

2. Underlayment

As the name suggests, the underlay is applied until the shingles are applied. This coating is applied straight to the ceiling, usually made of felt or plastic material, which helps to extract moisture from the roof to avoid exposure to the atmosphere. In the case of a shingle being broken or falling off the wall, the underlay is there to provide additional protection

3. Flasting

New roof Lighting is an important aspect of stopping water from entering through the roof system and leading to the production of rot or mold. Made of aluminum, lighting is applied around the roof joints, including around the chimney, the skylights, the windows, the dormers, and other roof protrusions.

4. Shingles

Most roof structures use asphalt shingles that are hammered to the roof with a nail gun. There are several different shingle designs and shades to choose from, which can bring quite a bit of esthetic appeal to your roof. Three-tab shingles are common, while architectural shingles have several layers of added visual appeal.

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